Two clear, plastic suction hooks are functional and discreet.

Suction stuff usually doesn’t work very well for me–bigger items like shelves or soap holders have been known to un-stick from the shower walls and flop down in the middle of the night–SLAM! CLATTER-clatter-clatter!

Scares the liver out of me.

But these simple, basic hooks have fallen off only a couple of times at the very beginning, back when I didn’t understand the “locking” instructions. The hooks are hinged, and they are supposed to be flipped up when pushing against the tile to make the suction cup stick. Then when it is firmly in contact with the surface, I pop it back down into “lock” position, which tugs the plastic backwards a little bit and makes it tight and strong without pulling it completely off the tile.

Then pile on the washcloths. The hooks hold very well.

I bought them at Target for very little money–only a couple of bucks. But they solved the problem of where to hang the overflow of washcloths and bath scrunchies for our family of six.

That’s it.

That’s what works for us in the shower (in addition to capturing long, lost hairs from heading down and clogging the drain).

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