Well, there’s nothing like a national financial crisis to inspire people to greater frugality.

These days I prefer using the happier term, thriftiness. For years, I’ve thought of myself as “cheap.” I love that I can now refer to myself as “thrifty.” It’s trendy, these days, to be thrifty. Plus, who can resist using a word that rhymes with “nifty”?

Well, speaking of nifty, my kids are trying hard to make-do when they see nifty stuff in stores that they want to buy. I encourage them to see if they can come up with a creative alternative first.

One of my daughters wanted a purple iPod case.

Next thing I know, she showed me this:

The color isn’t very true, but it’s purple all right. Made from an old soccer sock. She learned how to make pom-poms earlier this year and whipped one together to add a fun, coordinating touch.

I showed her some Etsy products that were priced in the teens that didn’t look much more nifty than her invention, and she was pleased.

So while I certainly don’t want to make light of our nation’s financial nightmare, I will say that our family is responding with more creativity and contentment than I thought possible.

We’re all feeling kind of nifty being thrifty.

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