As steam wafted from the bowl of macaroni and cheese, our son would pray.

Quite young at the time, maybe four or five, he always requested to pray at mealtime.

These prayers lasted a while. Rather than cut him short, I learned to bring lids to the table, cover the food, bow my head, and give him all the time he needed, because who wants to stop an outpouring of thanksgiving?

“Thank you, Lord, for Mama and Papa,” he would begin, expressing thanks for our family of six and for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. Then he proceeded to thank God for our close friends and neighbors. The dog. Papa’s job. Our church. Our house. The minivan. Air conditioning. A new toothbrush…

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“shhh” photo by Kelly Langner Sauer. Used with permission. Christian Blog Network

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